What Is the Ideal Outfit to Wear When Going For a Spa Treatment?


There is a special outfit that one needs to wear while getting a spa treatment. By wearing the permissible outfit, you can get maximum results from the procedure. If this is your first spa treatment, then you should get information about the type of clothing, shoes and items that are acceptable to carry to the spa.

Right type of clothes

The right selection of clothes is determined by two things: comfort and practicality. Many of the spas allows their clients to wear yoga bottoms, T-shirts, lounge pants, sweatshirts and hoodies. If you are getting the treatment in the dry region, then sports shoes can also be worn. It is very important to learn about the dress code before hiring their services.

Most of the luxury spa encourages people to wear swimming costume or shorts in place of usual underwear. Flip flops are also a good option as they can be easily rinsed. As slippers, can become soggy when lounging by a swimming pool, flip flops are a perfect choice for use, especially in wet regions. Also, take note of the weather conditions. If it permits, you can wear them in the spa.

Things required to be taken to a spa

Once you have selected the right outfit, you can now decide the things that you need to take along with you to the spa. These things are:

  • Robe and slippers
  • Towels
  • Flip flops
  • Spare set of clothes
  • A jumper or a hoody
  • Gym kit
  • Swimming attire
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • A book or magazine

Before putting these things in your bag, it is advisable to check the inclusions and exclusions with the listing in the spa packages.

Is it necessary to get naked during the spa treatment?

At several topnotch spa resorts, there are special rules that forbid nudity in the spa. People need to cover up their body using a robe or a gown in between the treatment and also when sitting in the public area of the spa.

www.stromspa.com is a renowned center that offers luxury spa facilities to its clients. At this resort wearing a swimming costume is essential to enjoy steam room amenities or Jacuzzi.

Pre-preparation is needed to make your spa experience most enjoyable and fulfilling. This would definitely make one feel comfortable and at ease. With the right outfit, you are ready to hit the nearby spa!!