At ballbet体育下载, your past education counts. Our flexible transfer credit policies allow you to transfer more credits than you might at other schools. We're committed to help you get the credits you deserve so you can focus on completing your degree.


If you've taken courses at an approved four-year college or university and earned a C or 2.0 GPA or better, you could be able to 应用 these credits toward an 联系起来的 (适用于军人和退伍军人学生)或 学士学位.

你可以转学45个学分 联系起来的 或者90个学分 学士 from approved four-year colleges or universities or from other combined sources (including 信贷通过考试, 军事教育与训练或其他 信贷的快速途径). 我们也接受高达9个学分 本科证书,最多3个学分 毕业证书,最多6个学分 硕士学位.


之前,你甚至 应用,你可以和我们一起工作 招生顾问 to see how many credits will transfer and which 学术项目 is the best fit based on your past college study. 如果你有非官方的成绩单, your 招生顾问 can provide a preliminary estimate to help you find out just how close you are to a degree.


申请之后,你就可以了 提交的成绩单 完成正式评估. If you've already had a preliminary estimate, you can 注册你的第一学期 knowing that you're taking the right classes. We can process your official evaluation as soon as all 成绩单 have been received.


时间和学费估计 provides estimated 学费 and fees based on your program of interest and 学费 rate. You can calculate potential savings with transfer credits, 奖学金, 奖助金, 学费援助, 和雇主的折扣. 此外,你可以估计你的毕业日期. 今天就得到你的评估.


You can earn ballbet体育 credit for your previous coursework, 标准化考试, 还有军事教育和训练. 用a来评估你以前的经验 转帐信用评估工具ballbet体育的转移小组维护.