Your hands-on experience is useful in the field. But did you know it can also help you save time and money toward your degree at ballbet体育下载? You may be able to earn college credit by transferring your vocational and technical training to ballbet体育.

How it Works

After you apply to ballbet体育, have the organization/s where you received the vocational or technical training send a record of your training to Vocational and technical credit from ballbet体育-approved institutions or American Council on Education-approved organizations may be applied to degrees at ballbet体育.

Examples of training from ballbet体育-approved institutions that can translate to credit include the following:

  • AC / DC电路
  • 飞机维修
  • Critical care
  • Data entry
  • 口腔放射学
  • 急诊室技术员
  • 紧急车辆操作
  • 库存控制
  • 救援行动
  • Storekeeping
  • Typing
  • 车辆维修
  • 电压调节装置
  • 仓库的实践
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