VetSuccess on Campus helps veterans transition from military service to college. The program is designed to ensure that veteran students at ballbet体育下载 have the support and assistance they need to be successful in higher education, their careers, and their lives. Services are also available for military personnel, military spouses, and dependents.


阅读有关ballbet体育提供的工具,以确保我们的老兵在一个成功 退伍军人事务部顾问戴安·威尔逊的信.


我们的VA顾问,戴安·威尔逊,在ballbet体育工作 Largo的学术中心, Maryland. Additionally, she is available once a month at other ballbet体育 locations on military installations in the region, including Anacostia-Bolling联合基地, Joint Base Andrews, Fort Belvoir, Fort Meade, Fort Myer, and 匡蒂科海军陆战队基地. 一个月有两天,她有空 沃尔特里德国家军事医疗中心 in Bethesda, Maryland.


  • 现役退伍军人、军人和军属
  • Helping students sign up for health, education, and other VA benefits
  • Helping students choose a major, set career goals, search for a job, and adjust to civilian life

Our VA counselor connects with students via e-mail, by telephone, and in person. 现场咨询可以在 Academic Center at Largo by appointment.

Global Reach

Students from the D.C. area, across the United States, and as far away as Sweden and Afghanistan have taken advantage of the VetSuccess on Campus program at ballbet体育.

Visit the U.S. 退伍军人事务部 阅读更多关于VetSuccess on Campus的信息.



Whatever question you may have or if you have a problem or concern…don’t be afraid to reach out…. 最重要的是要联系退伍军人成功俱乐部……. 我们知道很多士兵正在从海外回来, 经济也有起有落, 我们知道教育很重要.

Monica Graves

Veteran, Army