Let the Dog Carry his own Load during Trekking Expedition


With the vacations on the way, you would be contemplating on making the most of your holidays with your family and friends. In case, you have a dog, you would look forward to spending quality time with your dog on your vacations. It is understood that you would look to bring your dog for vacations. However, you would need to make arrangements before you actually plan to bring your dog to vacations. Most people may look forward to having a great trekking expedition on their holidays. They may have chosen a destination as well. The question to ponder upon would be how to handle your dog during the trekking trip.

Handling your dog during trekking

It has been deemed of great importance that you should look for a great trekking experience with your dog. However, you would be required to arrange for suitable dog harness for trekking expedition. The trekking expedition would entail you to carry the essential amenities in your backpack. You would be required to carry water and other essentials for your dog as well. However, you could make your dog carry his own things. It may sound peculiar, but you could avail Ruffwear Dog Harness to suit your dog carrying his own water and small essentials.

What is special about Ruffwear dog harness?

Talking about different kinds of harnesses, you would relish having the dog harness encompassing saddlebags for your dog carrying needs. The saddlebags have been attached to the harness for the dog to carry his own load. However, you should not burden your dog with huge loads. He is not a beast of burden, but your loved pet. Moreover, the saddlebags could be detached, as and when you make your stop. It would provide some relief to your dog that has been carrying his own load.

Design of saddlebags

Contrary to popular belief, the saddlebags have been designed to make your dog comfortable during the trekking expedition. As opposed to your backpack that would be a pain in your back for extended long travelling experience, the saddlebags harness has been designed keeping in mind the comfort level of the dog. It has been made available in various kinds of designs and sizes. You could choose the one suitable to your dog’s needs. It has been equipped with hydration bottles, perfect for your trekking and camping adventure with your furry critter. The additional support in the harness would secure the harness easily on the dog.