HGH Products – Benefits, Possible Side Effects and Precautions That May Be Taken


The growth hormone, produced by the pituitary gland is essential for the growth of healthy tissues and organs. There are several types of HGH drugs available nowadays, which can boost the production of this hormone. They come in different brand and generic names.

HGH Drugs

Deficiency of growth hormone can cause several issues and conditions including short stature, deficiency of this hormone in adults and children, Cachexia and several others. These conditions can effectively be prevented with the help of various types of HGH drugs, which can be procured on prescription. The drugs are available under the generic name Somatropin and several others. They are prescribed on the basis of the desired results, health status and age for various medical conditions

HGH drugs side effects

The drug works by increasing protein synthesis and promote bone growth in the body. However, these drugs are not without side effects and may cause adverse reactions. High doses may cause severe harm to the immune, endocrine and metabolic system. It is hence advisable to evaluate the levels of this hormone inside the body and get the drugs prescribed accordingly. Few such side effects include:

  • Increase in cholesterol level.
  • Sensation of needles and pins in the skin surface.
  • Edema or fluid buildup.
  • Pain in muscles, nerves and joints.
  • Excessive tissue growth which can cause deformities and a condition called acromegaly.

The side effects of these injectable drugs may be mitigated by using dietary supplements and a variety of natural HGH products. Most supplements contain various types of amino acids which help in boosting the production of growth hormone.

What bodybuilders think of HGH?

Many bodybuilders take HGH injections and anabolic steroids for increasing muscle mass. Some people may also use them to tackle the signs of ageing. These injections positively impact bone growth and strength and enhance muscular mass, but do not help in increasing muscle strength. The injections can prove helpful in tackling the growth hormone deficiencies in adolescents and children.

Before opting for HGH injection, it is advisable to carefully read the reviews posted by users. Online testimonials posted by users and bodybuilders can prove to be extremely helpful in this regard. It is also advisable to look out for trials, clinical studies and scientific reviews. This is important considering the possible side effects HGH drugs may have on the body.

Growth hormone is important, the deficiency of which can cause various medical conditions. There are several types of HGH drugs available which can be prescribed to people who suffer from deficiency of the hormone.