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Crime Prevention

Learn how to prevent crimes at University of Maryland Global Campus and in your community.

While it is not your fault you are a victim of a crime, in many cases there are steps you can take to become less likely to be victimized.

Things to Do

  • Always try to walk or drive on well-traveled, well-lit roadways.
  • Always let someone know when you leave work late, the route you will take, and when you should arrive home.
  • Always try to travel with two or more people.
  • Always have your keys ready so you can enter your car or home quickly.
  • Ask for an escort if you feel you need one.
  • Ask cab drivers or friends to wait until you get into your home.
  • If followed, go to well-populated areas and use your cell phone.
  • Walk with confidence and be aware of your surroundings.
  • If a car is pacing you on the sidewalk, reverse your direction, turn and go into a store or toward a family home.

Things to Avoid

  • Never take short cuts down secluded alleys or through closed parks at night.
  • Never walk alone on deserted highways bordered by woods or deserted warehouses and building structures.
  • Never use ATM machines in dark, secluded areas that are obstructed from view or adjacent to corners.
  • Never count your money or carry it openly in public as you leave a store or bank.
  • Never use laundry rooms, storage facilities, or lone courtyards without someone with you.
  • Never walk up to a car or stranger to give directions. Put some object between you and a stranger.

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