ballbet体育 encourages and guides student leaders and members towards maintaining high-quality student organizations. ballbet体育 Student Affairs has created a points-based system that measures and awards these organizations for providing multiple opportunities for members to participate. 一些小组通过每两周或每月定期举行会议来做到这一点, while others do this by providing a variety of activities and events throughout the year. Student organizations earn Bronze, Silver and Gold status by conducting multiple activities throughout the year which equate to points. Student organization members can review point values for specified activities in the Student Organization Activities and 事件 document.

Student organizations at ballbet体育 that achieve these statuses go above and beyond in their efforts to provide a variety of programming and opportunities for participation.

铜: 50 - 74 points
Silver: 75 - 99 points
金:100 +分

Standings are determined each summer based on the current academic year’s activities documented in the Student Organization Update forms required for submission on December 1 and April 30. 

该排名在ballbet体育学生组织网站上被认可, on the virtual community pages, 和更多的. 

Congratulations to the following groups achieving high standings during the 2020-21 year!




如何计算学生组织的排名? +

Student organizations are required to submit update forms once or twice a year, 这取决于组织的类型. 的 update forms include a list of activities, which Student Affairs uses to calculate the standings.

我如何知道一项活动值多少分? +

的 point value for activities is found on the Student Organization Activities and 事件 document. This is a living document—as groups develop new events they will be assessed and added to the document with a corresponding point value.

我的学生组织如何才能获得更高的地位? +

Student groups can strive to achieve a higher standing by conducting more events and activities throughout the year that meet their mission and goals.

除了举办活动和活动, it is important that the group's leaders document them on the update forms, 因为这些是用来计算点的. 

我如何访问学生组织更新表格? +

Student Affairs will send out the link to the Student Organization Update form to the officially recognized student organizations prior to the deadline.

我在哪里可以找到关于其他活动和活动的想法? +

的 Student Organization Activities and 事件 lists a variety of ideas for groups to partake in. 除了, members can review the Student Organization Award Winners to learn of activities that other groups are doing.


  • 章节管理(领导完成)
    • Hold elections for new officers.
    • 参加学校领导培训.
    • 为新成员举办欢迎活动.
    • 积极维护与俱乐部或小组相关的虚拟社区.
  • Professional Growth
    • Collaboration on a project to present to student organization membership or in other venue (such as research, 论文, 文学期刊, 等.).
    • 志愿者工作
    • Plan and run workshops.
    • Participate in competitions.
  • Service Opportunities
  • Academic Recognition

排名是否与学生组织奖相同? +

不,这两个项目是不同的. 排名是基于分数评估的活动和活动. 学生组织奖是有竞争性的, 为各种类别设立具体奖项, 在春季有一个提名期. 

What does it mean if a student organization does not achieve a gold, 银, or bronze standing? +

Officially recognized ballbet体育 student organizations must meet minimum standards to remain in good standing. 因此, 即使一个学生团体没有金牌, 银, 或青铜状态, they still are providing a level of quality to members by being in good standing.

Is it required for a student organization to be at a bronze, 银, or gold level? +

不需要,团体不需要达到更高级别. Student organizations can be engaging and serve their members’ needs without reaching one of the status levels.  

有关于学生组织的问题吗? Contact Student Affairs 寻求帮助.