Be proactive rather than reactive in ensuring that your accessibility accommodation needs are met at ballbet体育下载.


  • E-mail or speak to your instructor to identify yourself and explain the academic challenges you experience as a result of your disability.
  • Ask each instructor about his or her course content and what kinds of tests, 本学期将使用论文或其他评估工具. Online classes are available to all students at least seven days before the term begins. Review your course syllabus, and address your questions or concerns with the instructor. If you need special accommodations, make sure you have registered with Accessibility Services.
  • Familiarize yourself with the resources available to you, including 金融援助, 建议, 职业服务, 辅导和写作支持 和ballbet体育 在线图书馆.
  • 从学校购买课本 网上书店. 如果您需要其他格式的教科书,请填写 其他格式要求表格.
  • 对于现场课程, students who need to audio record their lectures should secure a lightweight, 可靠的磁带或数字录音机和电池.
  • 对于现场课程, students who need special seating should 接触易访问性服务 prior to the beginning of class to ensure a proper seat or table will be available in the classroom.
  • 对于现场课程, students who need an attendant or personal assistant to accompany them should employ the aide well before the first day of classes. 的 student should share his or her class schedule with the attendant and make sure the attendant is ready for the first day of class.


  • Students have access to online course materials at least seven days before classes begin. 回顾课程内容, and notify the faculty member if you have any problems accessing the course materials or if you have questions about the course.
  • 对于现场课程, arrive early to secure the best possible seat. 坐前面,靠近教练. 这将帮助你集中精力,把分心的事情降到最低.
  • 对于现场课程, 如果你使用特殊的设备, arrive early so the faculty member can work with you before class.
  • 确保你收到每门课的教学大纲. Review all of the syllabi to make sure you have contact information for faculty members, 包括他们的电子邮件地址, 电话号码, 和预约时间.
  • 对于现场课程, 如果你在课堂上使用解释器或阅读器, 你可能需要给他或她留个座位.
  • Organize class syllabi, outlines, notes, and calendars in a notebook.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, contact your instructor or 接触易访问性服务.


  • 对于现场课程 or appointments on campus, if you use interpreter services, 通知可访问性服务 你的日程有任何变动, 如添加, 退学或退课, 或者如果你要取消在校园里的约会.
  • 对于现场课程, if you need special assistance 在 tests, make sure you 通知可访问性服务 至少在考试前一周. 这包括需要读者的学生, 抄写员, 翻译或测试无障碍服务办公室.
  • E-mail or schedule a phone conversation with your instructor to monitor your progress. It is beneficial to do this at least once before an exam and again shortly after the exam.
  • 如果你认为你需要一个导师的帮助,复习 辅导服务 本学期的第一周. 不要等到第一次测试时才寻求这些服务. ballbet体育主要提供在线帮助. 现场有一些地点,但时间有限. 如果你需要进一步的帮助, consider hiring an outside tutor to assist with specific course content or writing challenges.


  • 对于现场课程, request support services, if needed, for your finals (e.g., a reader, interpreter, scribe, or testing in the Accessibility Services office). 记得至少提前一周申请这些服务.
  • 申请住宿通知书 当你下学期注册的时候.
  • 感谢导师的帮助.