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Effective Writing Center's Mission

The Effective Writing Center is here to help you develop this critical skill.

At ballbet体育, we know that effective writing is critical to your academic and career success, and requires continuous development. We also understand there may be gaps in your writing skills. If you're returning to school after some time away, you may not have done any formal writing in a while. Or perhaps you're adjusting to new expectations in upper-level courses or graduate studies. We can help.

Our goal at the Effective Writing Center is to help you become a more self-sufficient writer who better understands the tasks before you and feels more prepared for the next assignment, whether it's in the classroom or in your career.

Effective Writing Center services are available to all students enrolled at ballbet体育, regardless of level or area of study. Staff and faculty can also make use of our services. Learn more on the frequently asked questions page.

Our Mission

The EWC offers students:

  • Written and audio feedback on writing assignments (organization, introductions, transitions, conclusions, etc.)
  • Answers to writing-related questions
  • Self-study activities on research and writing
  • An academic integrity tutorial
  • Resources on topics from argument development to English as a Second Language
  • An Online Guide to Writing and Research with related links and self-assessments

Learn more in frequently asked questions about the writing center.

Meet the Advisors

The EWC's experienced writing advisors are advanced undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and ballbet体育 faculty. They are trained in an intensive program that includes mock and live student writing requests. They are available for one-on-one, online writing advice.

Contact the Effective Writing Center