At University of Maryland Global Campus, you can manage your education expenses by paying tuition over the course of several months, rather than in one lump sum. This way, you can make manageable monthly payments and there are absolutely no interest charges. You just pay a $35 nonrefundable enrollment fee per semester.

Benefits of Using ballbet体育's Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan

  • Convenient customer service: You'll have access to customer care straight from knowledgeable ballbet体育 staff.
  • Real-time posting of enrollments and payments: No more processing delays! Your payment plan enrollment and transactions will post immediately on your student account.
  • No convenience fees: If you or an authorized user makes a payment, you won't be charged a single cent extra in "convenience fees" typically administered by third-party vendors.
  • Smart balance calculation: Our new payment plan will adjust based on increases and decreases to your balance for the same term, so you'll always know your balance, how much your next payment is, and when it's due.
  • User-friendly interface: You'll be able to manage your payment plan from the Student Account Center. You'll use the same username and password you use to access the Myballbet体育, and if you're already signed into Myballbet体育 or your e-mail, you won't have to re-enter your username or password to access the student account center.

Keep in mind your plan must be paid in full before the last day of classes for the term in which you are enrolled, or you will not be able to enroll in future terms. Learn more about penalties for nonpayment.

How to Enroll in the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan

Go to your Student Account Center. You will need to select the term in which you want to use a payment plan, and then you will immediately see all available options.

Payment Plan for Prior Term Balances

To help you resolve your prior term balance and prevent the balance from being transferred to the Central Collections Unit (CCU), ballbet体育 offers interest-free payment plans for prior term balances of at least $250.00. This payment plan is designed to prevent your account from being transferred to CCU while you satisfy your balance with monthly installments. This plan also requires a one-time enrollment fee of $35.

Please note: This plan does not allow enrollment in classes, prevent disenrollment of classes, or allow the release of transcripts or diplomas until the balance has been paid in full. To see if you are eligible for our Prior Balance Payment Plan, and for instructions on how to enroll, please e-mail the Office of Student Accounts Collections Unit or call 1-800-888-8682.