ballbet体育下载 offers the following guidance on how to manage your courses and minimize your risk.

  1. 提前计划: Minimize your financial risk by selecting classes carefully, balancing your most difficult classes against your other courses and family and work demands.

  2. 理解你获奖的规则:回顾 金融援助政策 to understand what is expected of you to maintain your eligibility and keep your financial aid.

  3. 知道后果: Be sure that you understand what will happen if you drop, 撤回, 或者无法完成课程. A financial aid counselor can help determine your financial liability.

  4. Consider your options before you drop or 撤回: Talk to the faculty member teaching your class to see if there is anything you can do to complete the class. Make sure you have explored all options for assistance.

  5. 处理学生账户: If you drop or 撤回 from a course and are able to return within the same semester, we may be able to reinstate your financial aid. If you cannot return, you may be able to work out an extended payment plan—if you 学生的电子邮件账户 as soon as you have a balance showing on your account.

  6. 不要忽视你的账户余额如果你不采取行动, your balance will be transferred to the state central collections unit, you will be required to pay an additional 17 percent processing fee, 你的信用评分可能会受到影响.