University of Maryland Global Campus is proud to offer no-cost digital 文凭 to all recent graduates through our collaboration with Parchment. Unlike traditional paper 文凭, Parchment digital 文凭 are easy to access, 易于保管, and easy to share on social media.

Benefits of a Digital Diploma

A digital diploma from Parchment can be

  • Shared with employers via a secure and verified link
  • Viewed online at any time through your Parchment account
  • Easily shared on social media
  • Downloaded and saved as a PDF file

For more information about Parchment digital 文凭, please see the following video:

Accessing your Digital Diploma

If you're a ballbet体育 graduate and want to claim your digital diploma you'll need a Parchment account. 你毕业后, Parchment will e-mail you instructions on how to create an account and claim your digital diploma. Note: Your diploma will be sent to the e-mail address on file. Please make sure your e-mail address is up to date.

Your digital diploma will always be accessible through your Parchment account. You can login and download or share it again and again—at no cost to you.

If you're a current ballbet体育 student and have questions about your digital diploma prior to receiving it, 请联系

Any alumni who have previously graduated and wish to obtain a copy of their digital diploma or certificate must submit a request to Previous graduates: please note that it will cost $10 to obtain your digital diploma.

Once you have received your digital diploma, any further questions can be directed to


An 旁注 may neither be required nor necessary. Any questions should be directed to