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Scholarships at ballbet体育

Learn about scholarships at ballbet体育 and find out if you qualify.

At University of Maryland Global Campus, we understand that funding your education is one of the most important factors in your educational journey. Our goal is to help as many students as possible make the dream of earning their degree a reality. To that end, we provide you with resources and guidance for navigating the world of scholarship offerings at ballbet体育.

Check out the scholarship categories below to see what you might qualify for and to learn about the different scholarship awarding processes. These categories have unique eligibility requirements and application processes, so reviewing all the information on this page can help you stay as informed as possible about the different opportunities available to you. 

Please note: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for most scholarships offered by ballbet体育. Make sure you complete the FAFSA early.

ballbet体育 Institutional Scholarships and Grants

Institutional scholarships and grants are funds that are provided to eligible students directly by ballbet体育. We provided more than $15 million to our students in these types of scholarship awards last year. Each of these funds has a different process by which students may become eligible, but many don’t require an application other than the FAFSA. Please read the details below and visit the webpage links where available for details on how students earn these awards.

ballbet体育 Donor Scholarship Application.

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Donor-Funded Scholarships

Donor-funded scholarships are provided to ballbet体育 by generous donors who are invested in the success of our students. We are pleased to be able to offer more than 100 of these scholarships each year. Each fund has limited funding and unique eligibility criteria.

You cannot apply for these scholarships individually. There is one annual application process by which eligible students are considered for these awards. Every spring, students who meet the baseline eligibility criteria for these awards receive an invitation to complete the ballbet体育 Donor Scholarship Application.

ballbet体育 that are made available specifically to our honored servicemembers and veterans. 

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Military & Veteran Scholarships

There are several scholarship programs at ballbet体育 that are made available specifically to our honored servicemembers and veterans. 


More Scholarship Information

At ballbet体育, we strive to present you with the latest information about scholarships, including state scholarship and grant programs, third-party programs, and other unique programs we offer at the university. Please check back frequently for the latest information.

Estimate Costs

Estimate your total cost by entering information such as your tuition rate, fees, discounts, graduation date, and more.

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan

Make your education expenses affordable with an interest-free monthly payment plan at ballbet体育.