There are several types of scholarships available to help you finance your ballbet体育下载 education. 下面是常见问题的答案.


How do I apply for a ballbet体育 Donor-Funded scholarship? +

You must meet the minimum qualifications for general scholarship eligibility before you are invited to apply for ballbet体育 scholarships. Eligible students are invited to complete the ballbet体育 Scholarship Application in the spring of each year. 学生必须被邀请申请.

Minimum Qualifications to Receive an Invitation to Apply

  • 你必须完成 免费申请联邦学生资助 为即将到来的援助年 (we strongly recommend you complete the FAFSA when it is made available in October of each year).

  • Graduate students must have successfully completed a minimum of 9 ballbet体育 credits in their current program.

  • Undergraduate students must have successfully completed a minimum of 15 ballbet体育 credits in their current program.

  • 你的累积平均成绩必须达到3分.0 or higher.

  • 你一定是在开会 令人满意的学术进步 standards.


If you meet the minimum qualifications listed above, you will be sent an invitation to complete the online scholarship application via email in the spring of each year. The application will appear in your Myballbet体育 student portal as a To Do 列出需要你完成的项目. You are strongly encouraged to complete and submit the application by the priority filing deadline, which is provided in your email invitation each year, 为了获得最强的奖学金.

How do I apply for a specific ballbet体育 donor-funded scholarship? +

Students cannot apply for individual donor-funded scholarships. The ballbet体育 Scholarship Application process outlined above is the process by which students apply for all donor-funded scholarships administered by the financial aid office.

In addition to the minimum qualifications listed above most ballbet体育 donor-funded scholarships require additional specific criteria. Once you complete the online scholarship application, you will be considered for all scholarships for which you meet the criteria.

Note: The funding for these awards is limited; meeting all of the eligibility criteria for any of these awards does not guarantee that you will receive scholarship funding.

When can I expect a decision regarding my ballbet体育 scholarship application? +

The initial round of awarding of ballbet体育 donor-funded scholarships begins after the priority application filing deadline has passed and continues through mid-fall. Students who are selected to receive a donor-funded scholarship will be notified at the time of awarding, and the scholarship will appear in the Myballbet体育 Student Portal. 第一轮评选结束后, students who were not selected will be notified by email, 通常是在深秋. However, as scholarship awards are adjusted throughout the aid year and funding becomes available, all applications continue to be reviewed for eligibility. It is possible that students could be selected for a donor-funded scholarship at any point throughout the aid year, 在资金允许的情况下.

If I missed the ballbet体育 scholarship application priority filing date, can I still apply? +

Yes. You should submit the online scholarship application by the priority filing date for maximum consideration. However, if you have been invited to apply via your to-do list, you are still allowed to submit your online scholarship application until the application link is no longer available.

Do I have to enroll in a specific number of credits to keep my ballbet体育 scholarship? +

Yes. Most ballbet体育 scholarships require undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in at least 6 credits for the semester for which the scholarship has been awarded. Failure to comply with the enrollment requirement may result in a cancellation of the scholarships. You are responsible for any balances incurred as a result of the cancellation.

我可以获得多少ballbet体育奖学金? +

所有奖学金的金额各不相同, but $2,000 is the standard combined annual maximum award amount for most donor-funded and institutional awards.

If I submitted ballbet体育's online scholarship application by the priority filing date and met the minimum criteria, 为什么我没有获得奖学金? +

ballbet体育 makes every effort to equitably award as many scholarships as possible; however, scholarship awarding is based on the availability of limited funding.

我可以获得一个以上的ballbet体育奖学金吗? +

We aim to offer scholarship funding to as many eligible students as possible each year based on available funding. For this reason, it is not common for students to receive more than one donor-funded or institutional scholarship in an aid year.

我的ballbet体育奖学金何时发放? +

ballbet体育 donor-funded scholarships require 6 credits of enrollment. Consequently, scholarships will only disburse in the 10-day window prior to the start date of the course that gives the student 6 credits of enrollment.

ballbet体育奖学金有哪些学期? +

Donor-funded scholarships are awarded for the fall and spring semesters only, and the funds cannot be transferred between semesters.

FAQs: 马里兰高等教育委员会 Scholarships

How do I apply for a 马里兰高等教育委员会 scholarship? +

如果你是马里兰州的居民, you can apply for 马里兰高等教育委员会 scholarships by submitting the 免费申请联邦学生资助. Please visit the 马里兰高等教育委员会 for more details.

When will my 马里兰高等教育委员会 scholarship award show on my ballbet体育 student award screen? +

We typically post scholarships and/or grants awarded by the 马里兰高等教育委员会 (MHEC) at the beginning of every academic term. For the fall semesters, we typically post MHEC awards to ballbet体育 student accounts beginning in August. 春季学期, we typically post MHEC awards to ballbet体育 student accounts beginning in the month of January.

Why don't I see scholarship funds in my account if the 马里兰高等教育委员会 said they have been given to ballbet体育? +

The ballbet体育 Financial Aid Office downloads 马里兰高等教育委员会 awards once a week. 如果你已经接受了你的 ballbet体育下载援助处理系统 account,你应该检查一下 Myballbet体育 每日浏览奖项.

Why was my 马里兰高等教育委员会 scholarship award changed/canceled? +

There are various reasons why a 马里兰高等教育委员会 (MHEC) award can be decreased, increased, or canceled. For more details regarding your MHEC-sponsored scholarship or grant, 请与公司核对你的帐目 ballbet体育下载援助处理系统 or contact the 马里兰高等教育委员会 at 410-767-3300 or 800-974-0203 or via e-mail.

FAQs: District of Columbia 学费援助拨款

我如何申请D.C. 学费援助拨款? +

有兴趣获得D.C. 学费援助补助金请联络 Office of the State Superintendent of Education 关于资格要求.


When will my third-party scholarship award appear on my account? +

It depends on how the individual awarding organization manages the scholarship. 有些公司会马上寄支票. In these cases, the award can be processed once eligibility has been established. 其他机构可能要求开具发票. Consequently, in these cases, awards cannot be processed until the funds have been received.

Why don't I see scholarship funds in my account if the third-party organization said they have been given to ballbet体育? +

There are various reasons you may not see your third-party/private scholarship on your ballbet体育 student account. Visit the Help Center 为进一步援助.